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Welcome to Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

What is Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

Amino BioFrequency Therapy is an increasingly popular European Therapy that is now crossing the Atlantic and gaining popularity in the USA as a holistic, non-chemical approach to helping with pain and inflammation.  It focuses on repairing weakened frequencies in the body through knowledge of the impact of antioxidants on cells and the bio chemical reactions in the body.

Sherri Hooks has become certified in this treatment and is the first person to offer this new, exciting therapy in Vermont at the Vermont Salt Cave Spa.

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy is for you if you have:

  • Pain

  • Back pain/sciatica

  • Stomach/intestinal problems

  • Inflammation

  • Migraine/headache

  • Muscle and joint problems

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Stiffness in the neck or Shoulder

  • Unexplained pain

  • Skin Problems

Our Aim is to:

  • Enhance your body's ability to heal itself

  • Normalize your body's functions and systems as quickly as possible

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Increase your energy level and overall well-being.

Important Points and Disclaimers

You may notice some redness where you apply the discs.  It is quite normal;  it shows that the discs have been activated.

It is very important that your body is well hydrated:  Drink at least 1 - 2 glasses of water per hour until 1 hour before going to bed.

Drink one extra glass or water if you have a cup of coffee, beer or wine.

Your urine should be colorless/very pale yellow.  The more water you drink, the fewer the detox symptoms you will have.

Costs for ANF
First visit - Introductory price $60.
It will last 60 minutes. 
A follow up visit is needed 3 days later.  This will last 15 minutes and there is no charge. 
Discs are additional and cost $4.00 each
A success story with Bio-Frequency Therapy
What to expect with a consultation

Amino BioFrequency Therapy is only found in massage centers, physical therapy offices and chiropractic offices.  A Certified ANF practitioner thoroughly assesses your problem and pain and then prepares a tailor made treatment plan which combines the use of different ANF Discs.  She will place thin, circular discs or patches directly to the skin at specific anatomical points.  They send electrical frequencies through the electro molecules in the body.  The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the signaling directly at the cellular level, without the use of chemicals or machines, the results are not only fast, they are without side effects.  If a weak frequency can be restored, the body gets back the ability to self heal.  These patches are:

  • CE marked and registered

  • Approved by FDA 

  • Each patch has a unique frequency

  • Patches works 72 hours

  • Skin friendly 3M tape against the skin

  • Contains no organic subjects

  • Effective within 2-10 minutes

  • Made of soft thin carbonized metal, a patented invention

According to the Danish inventor of ANF Therapy, "If you are receptive to the therapy (about 95% of our clients), your body will respond within 5 - 20 minutes from applying the treatment.  You may also experience some detox symptoms.  As your problem is being addressed, you will experience less discomfort, less pain and greter well-being.  The therapy can also be used to boost your performance level.  If you are taking any medication, 

The cost for the initial session is $60 and it will last 60 minutes.  Follow-up sessions cost $30 for 30 minutes

The patches cost $4 per patch and last 3 days.

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