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Chelation Therapy

It is however in the area of coronary artery disease that chelation therapy is perhaps best known.  In 1950, Dr. Norman Clark, an eminent cardiologist and chief of research at Providence Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, reported in medical literature that chelation therapy using a synthetic amino acid known as EDTA, was effective in removing calcium deposits from the body and could be a potential treatment for arteriosclerosis.    Arteriosclerosis is better known as the hardening of the arteries due to the accumulation of plaques that block arteries and constrict blood flow.   Pioneering doctors began using chelation therapy for the treatment of arteriosclerosis with great success.  So much so, the holistic medical community now considers chelation therapy a safe alternative to bypass surgery and angioplasty.    In 2005, the National Institute of Health undertook a major clinical trial.  It is being conducted at more than 120 research sites in the USA and Canada to determine the safety and efficacy of EDTA chelation therapy for individuals with coronary artery disease.  The participants were followed through 2011 and results are being analyzed in 2012.

Chelation therapy can be considered a means to detoxify organs either rapidly through intravenous EDTA or slowly with non-synthetic products designed to gently and slowly bind and remove the toxins.  This may be done with large antioxidant intake combined with complexing agents such as Vitamin C/bicarbonate, vitamin K2, milk thistle, cilantro, curcumin, chlorella to name a few of the natural ingredients used in chelation depending on what is being chelated.  Either approach requires the knowledge and skills of a trained health professional.

There is a simple, inexpensive Hair Mineral/Metal Analysis test that is available, the results of which, will show if there are any mineral deficiencies or toxic metal loads in the body.  Just collect a matchbox full sample of hair from the back of the neck from the skin out a few inches.   This is sent to a laboratory that offers this test.  The results in chart form are mailed back along with lab recommendations.  A directory of laboratories offering this service can be found at        


List of Chelation Practitioners in Vermont

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