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What is a Salt Cave Session?

The Vermont Salt Cave Spa is the only authentic Polish salt cave in a barn in the USA.   Created out of 20,000 lbs of Polish pink rock salt on all walls and nearly 4000 lbs of crystal salt on the floor, visitors relax fully clothed in very comfortable, over-sized zero gravity chairs listening to gentle, relaxing music.  Great for respiratory issues e.g. allergies, asthma, COPD etc., this super saturated negative ion environment is a phenomenal de-stressor, just perfect as a treatment for depression, anxiety and stress.  The cost is $30 and it lasts 45 minutes.

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What is our Infra-red/Magnetic Therapy?

This involves lying down on our special mat made of jade, tourmaline and amethyst crystals, infra-red rays plus magnets that pulsate at 7.8 hertz otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance.  It takes place in our massage room where you lie down on this mat in a darkened room listening to Celtic Music for 30 minutes.  The cost is $30 for a session that leaves you feeling super relaxed.


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What is the Hand and Foot Detox Session?

This Detox Session involves sitting with hands and bare feet on specially heated Himalayan Salt Stones for 30 minutes at a cost of $25 per person.  The negative ions generated by the heated salt stones enter the body and seem to have a very positive effect on joint and muscles issues with many of our clients telling us of the relief they find for arthritic conditions.  An added benefit is that it leaves hands and feet feeling as if you have had an expensive paraffin wax treatment.


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What is our ANF Therapy?

Our newest therapy comes from Denmark and Spain and is known as Amino Neuro frequency Therapy and is all about pain management.  It doesn't involve any drugs or chemicals.  Our therapist Sherri Hooks is the first Certified ANF Therapist in Vermont.  A consulting session lasts one hour and will cost $60 plus any patches or discs required which cost $4 each.  For more information on this innovative therapy go to

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