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Julie’s Grand Awakening occurred on the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 which propelled her into a deep, inner exploration of her soul purpose here on the Earth plane.  She discovered that most of her lives were spent as a healer and many of those occurred in Ancient Egypt.  Utilizing many different modalities such as crystals, sound tools, shamanism, aromatherapies and many more, she opens to her Guidance to enable a healing session for you.  She gives you the “understandings” of your session, via tarot and her Guidance.

Embarking upon a healing with Julie is a beautiful and peaceful inner journey of flow.  She will access her Guides to determine the root cause of the dis-ease.  Next, will be a small discussion with the goal to help you understand some possible causes.  Together, you and Julie will determine what differences in action you can take to move on from the dilemma.  

Julie will support you with ancient techniques of healing through Channel, Vibrational Uplift, Aura Healing, Sound, Crystals Healing, Sacred Geometry, Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and the Power of Breath, and more.  Her goal is to enable everyone to realize their own personal Divinity and to create the utmost JOY in their lives; “Body, Mind and Spirit in Balance”

Julie currently has Guided Meditation Sessions in the Vermont Salt Cave every other Thursday at 7 pm

Intuitive Healer & Energy Channel - Julie Charland

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