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We are Re-opening on Friday !

Updated: May 25, 2020

We are thrilled to advise that the Vermont Salt Cave Spa will re-open on Friday, May 29, 2020 from 10 - 5 pm for Salt Cave Sessions, Infra-red Sauna/Magnetic Therapy, Hand and Foot Detox Sessions and for retail items.

The resumption of Massage should be in early June. Bookings can be made online, calling us at 802-326-2283 or by emailing

Naturally with the safety of our clients in mind, there are some changes in operation which are as follows:

  • All sessions are strictly by reservation only & social distancing to be maintained.

  • Salt Cave sessions will be limited to 5 persons at a time (instead of 10). Cave sessions will be held every 75 minutes to allow for additional sanitizing between sessions. Please feel free to bring your own blanket and cotton socks.

  • Hand & Food Detox Sessions will be limited to 3 persons at a time (instead of 5). These will be held every 45 minutes to allow for additional sanitizing between sessions.

  • All persons entering the facility will be asked to use the hand sanitizer at the front door.

  • Masks are optional for clients in the retail space & hand and foot detox but should be removed in the cave.

  • Nafis and Sarita will be wearing masks as per state requirements.

  • We will NOT be accepting any persons who have symptoms of colds, flu or coughs.

Initially we will only be open from Friday - Mondays. In addition to our normal filtration and ventilation system in the salt cave, there is also a UV light machine which sanitizes the air in the cave 24 hours per day.

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