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The Vermont Salt Cave is thrilled to welcome New York psychic and empath Laura Reinlib for a weekend of metaphysical readings.  Laura channels spirit and connects to passed ones as well as spirit guides and entities.

She will be offering a limited number of individual 45 minute personal readings to be held at the Coach House over the Memorial Weekend.  During a reading, the client should expect Laura to enter a theta state of conscious.  While in a meditative state she can tap into her client's energy field and channel spirit guides to aid in helping with love, relationships, career and life's touch decisions.  The cost for each personal reading is $85.

Laura is clairaudient, clairsentient and a channel of spirit.  She offers messages of the heart and can give tools to help re-balance energy.

On Saturday, May 26, 2018 she will be holding a group session within the Salt Cave limited to six persons entitled "Messages From Spirit" where loved ones are invited to visit and communicate.  The cost for this group session is $55 per person payable cash only.

Psychic Empath & Energy Healer - Laura Reinlib

Call 802-326-2283 or email to reserve your spot.
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