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Biofield Scanning

Human Biofield Scanning is an advanced analysis software system that is a health assessment tool that probes the human body field to identify the bio-energetic and bio-informational distortions that may underlie physical and emotional issues. By placing your hand on a scanning device, in moments the software returns more than 150 results about your body and its body field in anatomically correct and extremely detailed graphical representations.   These include major organs and organ systems,  environmental influences, such as toxins and electromagnetic fields (EMFs),  nutritional influences musculoskeletal system,  emotions including trauma and shock, body field structures,  polarity,  and Circadian rhythm disturbances. The scan allows your licensed registered nurse to see beyond your symptoms to clearly distinguish the source distortions across your entire body field and address them specifically.

The scan advises the nurse on the correct therapy functions to rejuvenate your energy flows: the correct infoceuticals to re-imprint the information in your body field and correct distortions in your body field and restore your body's own self healing capacities.

Chrissy Snow - Holistic Nurse R.N.

Vermont Salt Cave Spa

48 Main St.

Montgomery Center, VT 05471

(802) 326-2283

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