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Traditional Foot Soaks

Introducing an ancient healing tradition that harnesses the power of the meridians that run through your feet.


Our Traditional Foot Soaks have quickly become the second most popular therapy at the Vermont Salt Cave Spa.  They are inspired by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that recognizes that if the human body were a tree, the head is the branch, the body is the trunk, & the feet are the roots, in order to maintain health, we must water our roots.  Our feet contain 25% of the body’s bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, over 100 ligaments, 1000’s of nerve endings & most importantly, 6 meridians or channels through which vital energy or Qi flows, each associated with different organs & systems in the body.

We offer four different foot soak treatments.  Each one contains over 6 different organic Chinese herbs long known to offer the desired healing benefits:

Slumber Soak For sleep issues, insomnia, restlessness, rest & relaxation

Aches Away Soak - Aches and Pains, joint and muscle issues

Pressure-Ease Soak - To ease high blood pressure and hypertension

Weight Shed - A detox foot soak with herbs associated with weight loss

A Traditional Foot Soak session lasts for 45 minutes and involves first heating your feet and hands for 15  minutes on specially heated Himalayan Salt Stones. This is like having an expensive paraffin wax treatment but without the high cost or the toxic petro-chemicals. 

Then you will be placing your feet in a warm foot bath for 30 minutes which stimulates the meridians in the feet to absorb and transfer the medicinal benefits of the healing herbs contained in the foot soak.

The cost for this therapy is $45.  The foot soaks are also available for sale in our retail space so you can do this therapy at home if you would like to.

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