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We build Unique Salt Caves anywhere in the USA

Interested in building a Polish Salt Cave?

Looking for an affordable salt cave builder to create an original design loaded with charm and character?  Our salt cave construction creates the ambiance and micro-climate of the healing salt caves found in Poland.   It is built in such a way that should you ever need to move to a new location, you can take 90% of the cave with you.

Building a salt cave is a very complicated process requiring experience, creativity and the technical knowledge for implementing the ventilation system, installation of halogenerator equipment etc. 

Our Halogenerator

The halo-generator we use as part of our salt cave constuction, is one of the few Class 2A Medical Device halo-generators on the market.  It is designed and manufactured in Germany in compliance with ISO standards.


The efficacy of our generator surpasses many of the other generators seen on the market for creating particles smaller than 2 micro-meters.   At the 2 micron or less level, the pharmaceutical grade salt that is crushed and pushed out into the air, gets deep into bronchial passages for healing respiratory relief.  It acts as a bronchial dilator and does wonders for respiratory issues.

As anyone visiting our salt cave can attest, the machine is super quiet and you don't hear the grinding of the salt as is often heard in salt caves elsewhere.​

If  you are considering building a salt cave and would like to visit with us to see what we can offer, please give us a call.

Call 802-326-2283 or email
Build a salt cave
Build a Salt Cave with confidence


When we build a salt cave, upper-most in our considerations is the need to create a holistic spa and wellness facility of the highest therapeutic standard.

To do this, we provide all of the following:

  • Separate Air Tight Sound-proofed room

  • Medical Device Halogenerator

  • Salt Water Cascades

  • Separate Humidity Control

  • Separate Temperature Control

  • UV Light for Antiseptic Environment


When we build a salt cave, we only use 100% Pure Polish Pink Salt.  From start to finish the salt cave construction is entirely a collaborative between the main Salt Cave Builder, and you, the client. Each salt cave we build is different from the last, and is completely custom-designed based on your vision of the salt cave you would like to build.

We also guarantee that you have at least a 2 hour drive radius in which we will NOT build any competing salt cave.

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