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Meet Our Practitioners

Listed below are our practitioners along with their specialities.    Please call us at 802-326-2283 or email to book your appointment and if you are on Facebook, please like or follow us at as we use this site to inform everyone of offerings and specials.

Sherri Cossaboom - LMT
With over seven years of professional experience, Sherri specializes in deep tissue massage, complemented by the healing touch of hot stones and the soothing scents of aromatherapy.

Research shows that massage therapy can significantly lessen stress, alleviate muscle soreness and tension, enhance sleep quality, relieve tension headaches, and boost flexibility and movement.


Molly Johnston – LMT, CMLDT

My mission is to empower, encourage, and support you through this wild, magical life! Growing up in rural Maine, I’ve always had an awareness + sensitivity to energy, my surroundings, and Spirit. 


Herbs, Intuition, Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage were things that unfolded for me.  Naturally, it all really happened in such an auspicious way.   It always works out that way, doesn’t it?

Christine Pepin Wiles - Reflexologist

Discover the healing touch of Christine, a dedicated reflexologist focused on enhancing your well-being through targeted reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears.


Experience personalized care that aims to reduce stress, alleviate pain, and promote balance in your body and mind. Step into a world of relaxation and renewal,  begin your journey towards a more harmonious self.


Tashia Shover – Reiki Practitioner

At a young age, Tashia developed psychic abilities which led her on a path to explore different healing techniques and modalities. She became passionate about Reiki.


Reiki offers stress relief, relaxation, pain relief, reduces inflammation, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and so much more. Tashia also incorporates crystals in this practice given every stone has multiple metaphysical properties. Crystals have been used for centuries to help balance Mind Body and Soul.

All practitioners at the Vermont Salt Cave are merely renting space and are not employees of the Vermont Salt Cave Spa

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