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     Salt Caves and Salt Rooms Around the USA    

This directory allows you to find salt caves and halotherapy centers wherever you live in the USA broken down by state.   All links in the directory go directly to the salt cave or facility.  Most, if not all of these salt caves and salt rooms, offer gift certificates and so if you are looking for a birthday gift, graduation present, wedding gift or holiday gift, that is different and sure to be appreciated, just click on the state below to find a close salt cave.  In this era where so many persons have lots of "stuff", why not give the gift of an experience which will provide relaxation and the ability to de-stress, all the time knowing you are supporting a local business? 

We do try and keep this up to date but if the information is outdated or you know of a salt cave not on this list, please let us know. We endeavor to have the most complete listing of USA salt caves on the internet.  Just click on the state below to access detailed salt cave information.  This is also a resource tool for anyone planning a vacation and looking for something different to experience and enjoy.  If you have built a salt cave or salt room and would like to be added to the directory, please contact us at

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