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Lyme Disease and salt therapy

Chronic Lyme Disease in one of the newer ailments where salt is being considered to help this ailment..  This alternative treatment for Lyme Disease does not appear to have any published scientific papers on the use of salt therapy as a healing modality, but there are many anecdotal stories of people being helped by salt therapy so that it may only be a matter of time before it is scientifically validated.  The Vermont Salt Cave Spa and Halotherapy Center would welcome the opportunity to participate in a formal scientific study of the use of halotherapy (salt therapy) as an alternative, non drug 100% natural treatment for chronic lyme disease.

There are now an ​estimated 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease reported each year in the United States alone. The often debilitating illness has become a major concern for parents and for anyone who enjoys being outdoors hiking, paddling, camping etc.

According to a combination of salt and vitamin C seems to be an effective treatment for containing the symptoms of Lyme Disease.   How does it work?  According to, their theory is 
that "due to the decreased consumption of salt in our daily diets, we have allowed the invasion of parasites into our bodies and those of our pets and livestock. Over the centuries, man has traditionally consumed approximately 20 grams of salt daily. The only time, other than current day, that man's consumption has drastically decreased was during the Medieval Ages, when the landlords deprived the poor of salt, and the Black Death ravaged the population.


Salt is an ancient bactericide and killer of many of man's pathogens. For centuries, twenty grams of salt daily was the average intake due to the way meats were cured and foods were preserved. Man certainly lived a more outdoorsman's lifestyle, yet there was no mysterious illness. Was it the presence of sodium chloride in the body that prevented Lyme from occurring? Lyme was first documented in the 1970's. It is around the same time we were inundated with the "No Salt Diet" craze. For years Japan had no cases of Lyme disease, and only recently with the new low-salt soy sauce have cases been documented. As far as our animals go, cows were always given large blocks of salt licks, which were pure sodium chloride. The old ways protected our livestock from many pathogens that are coming into focus in today's society.    Just recently, these blocks have become mineralized salt licks with minerals, medicines, and vitamins, that manufacturers claim is what our livestock need. They actually need the sodium chloride. This may explain the recent appearance of new illnesses such as Lyme, Mad Cow, and other parasitic illnesses among our livestock. They crave the sodium chloride. It is a natural instinct. Just the same way that a hunter knows that if he puts out a block of salt, the deer will come. Bear reportedly tear the bark off fallen trees to lick salt. There are salt caves in Africa that draw herds of elephants at night, and the mothers break off chucks of salt and feed it to their young. Maybe it is time we take a lesson from the animals. Eat more salt! "


If this is true then spending time in a salt cave with its dry aerosol salt therapy, might be an additional tool for the medical tool box to help with treating Chronic Lyme Disease and its debilitating aspects.  Aside from the healing attributes of salt, the cave has an extremely high level of negative ions recognized world wide as a means for treating depression which is also a common symptom of Lyme Disease.

Always consult with your doctor before embarking on any

new treatments.

lyme disease.jpg
Example of a Lyme Disease rash caused by a tick bite

“Healed through Andrea's help - Salt Cave Naples!”

Trip Advisor - Reviewed July 20, 2014


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for having come to the Salt Cave in Naples in February 2014. I planned on coming in for a foot bath detox, but I accomplished so much more! I am a 45 year old active mother of four. Three weeks before my arrival at the Salt Cave I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Adrenal Fatigue, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and Epstein Barr. I went from doing all sorts of athletic competitions to becoming so fatigued in the Summer of 2013 that most days I was relegated to the sofa by 3pm in the afternoon. After 4 doctors and 7 months of testing I was diagnosed with the above 7 diseases. The latest doctor, although a holistic one, had decided I would need all sorts of medication, mostly to treat the Lyme Disease and the Adrenal Fatigue. I have never been a fan of medication, therefore I was searching for others ways to help myself, get and feel better. I decided to go to the Salt Cave, to get Salt therapy as well as try a foot detox for help with the heavy metals detoxification. Not only did I go through with those two therapies and continue to do them today, but I also was introduced to Dr. Morse’s herbal supplements. These supplements have been a life-saver for me. I have been taking them and the salt/vitamin C protocol for Lyme Disease, both suggested by Andrea and I am feeling amazing. I had to take 2 months and slow down on my intense workouts, but once May rolled around I was able to get back to working out with my usual vigor. In fact, in late June I competed in a CrossFit Fitness competition and came in 3rd place! I am amazed at what these supplements have done for me. 

Thank you for helping me get well again!

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