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Ear Infection

Halothery is also recognized as an alternative therapy for ear infections for adults and children alike as practiced in other parts of the world.   Children tend to be more susceptible to ear infections wherein the small tube that connects the ear to the throat becomes blocked with trapped fluid and mucus.  This can become infected and even spread into the bone behind the ear.  

Salt therapy is said to help to relieve pain and pressure due aerosolized particles of salt potentially penetrating deep into the internal passages of the ear. Salt in and of itself is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent  which could help to reduce inflammation, edema and bacteria in the eustachian tubes.  

Relief of swollen tissues helps to widen passages, improve drainage and can increase aeration behind the tympanic membrane where bacteria often builds due to collected fluid.  A scientific study in the International Journal of Pediatrics in November 2013 concluded "Aerosal halotherapy can be considered a viable adjunct, albeit not a replacement, to conventional medical treatment of sub-obstructive adenotonsillar syndrome and related conditions".

Scientific Research on Halotherapy as a treatment for Ear Infection

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