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According the to CDC 2014 health statistics:

  • Number of adults with diagnosed sinusitis: 29.4 million

  • Percent of adults with diagnosed sinusitis: 12.3%

  • Number of visits to physician offices with a primary diagnosis of chronic sinusitis per year: 11.7 million

Sinusitis often develops after a cold or flu-like illness.  When the lining of the sinuses are at all swollen, this swelling can interfere with the normal flow of mucas which gets trapped in the sinuses causing an uncomfortable pressure build up.  In the case of acute sinusitis, the infection develops quickly within a few days but it only lasts a short time and is generally gone within a week or so.

Symptoms of Sinusitis:​

  • Blocked or runny nose with green or yellow mucus which is a sign of a bacterial infection.

  • Pain and tenderness in the face which can feel worse when you move your head.

  • A toothache or pain in the jaw when you eat.

  • A temperature

  • Bad breath or halitosis

  • Loss of taste and smell


Salt Therapy can bring much-needed relief for persons suffering from sinusitis    Halotherapy works by: 

  • Killing bacteria

  • Reducing inflammation of the airways

  • It reduces IgE levels, which means the immune system won’t over-react to asthma/allergy triggers.

The halogenerator takes pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (salt) and crushes it into microscopic particles which are released at a controlled pace into the atmosphere in the salt cave.  It is said that 45 minutes of halotherapy is equal to 2 days at a beach.  It is said to help to: 

  • Reduce the need for inhalers and antibiotics

  • Clear mucus and sticky phlegm from the sinuses

  • Increase the resistance to respiratory tract diseases

  • Strengthen your immune system


2 - 5 sessions are recommended within a week to 10 days. 


Salt Therapy for Sinusitis
Beach Vacation

It has been noted that 45 minutes in a salt chamber is equal to 4 days at the beach - a perfect way to treat a sinus infection.

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If you have a cold or flu, please do not come to the Salt Cave. These are viruses which will NOT be helped by a visit to the salt cave and are very different from a bacterial infection.
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