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Greetings fellow Salt Cave Owners!

With the ever growing interest in and attention surrounding salt caves, it has never been a better time to operate a salt cave/room. Since it's inception in 2016, the online directory managed by VT Salt Cave has become the largest, most comprehensive directory of its kind for the USA, promoting salt facilities across North America. It is easily found on the first page of Google for basic search terms e.g. "salt caves", "salt room", etc. As this database has grown,

it has become an increasingly time consuming effort to continue to stay current and promote the

interests of fellow salt cave/room owners. As such, we will now be charging $19.99 for an annual

listing on our directory.

The primary benefits of this directory are threefold: it allows salt cave enthusiasts to easily locate 

caves with direct links; it gives them the opportunity to purchase gift certificates for loved ones;

and it lends authenticity to new salt facilities through association while demonstrating the prevalence of our field as a legitimate health/wellness practice.

We hope you recognize the value of this service, which is offered for less than the cost of a single salt cave session.  Please  take the opportunity to check your listing to make sure all the information stated is correct.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 802-326-2283 or

The sign up form is below and payment can be made directly online with this form.  If you would prefer to pay by a check, please make payment of $19.99 to Vermont Salt Cave Spa, and mail to P.O. Box 486, Montgomery Center, VT 05471.  


Wishing you all health and happiness,

Sarita and Nafis Khan - Owners of the Vermont Salt Cave Spa.

Salt Rooms are now welcome to be on this directory
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