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Color Therapy

Color therapy or Chromotherapy

It was not however until Dinshah Ghadiali, an Indian physician and scientist published Spectro Chromo Metry in the early 20th century, that a scientific explanation was presented to define Chromotherapy..  From his experiments Dinshah concluded that chemical elements are not an individual unit but are actually chemical compounds.   From this came the basis of color theory for healing the body based on the premise that our bodies are made up of chemical elements consisting of a certain balance of color waves or vibrations..  A specific disease could be seen as a specific imbalance of color waves and healing was possible if the appropriate color was applied to the body.  Further investigation of the role of color and light in health is ongoing but even western medicine utilizes this therapy in such ways as blue light for jaundice, full spectrum light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorders, blue light to harden dental fillings quickly, infrared light for helping diabetic wounds and burns and ultraviolet light for psoriasis, just to name a few of the current uses of color and light as healing tools.

Chromotherapy recognizes that disease is attributable to disturbances in the energy field or aura surrounding the body at a subtle, vibrational level.   Given this revelation, there are significant consequences, as yet mainly ignored by western medicine, of the possibility of preventative treatment working with the energetic body to correct imbalances.   It is believed there is a six to eight month window before energy and vibrational imbalances manifest in the physical body as a disease or illness.  If, as science is beginning to show that we are beings of light, then in the same way that plastic is used to repair an article of plastic, or clay to mend a clay pot, one might question why light and color are not used to help to repair imbalances in the body which manifest as illness or disease.


The information provided is not intended to offer medical advice but is for educational purposes only.  Readers should seek the advice of a medical doctor for all matters relating to individual health care options.

List of Color Therapy Practitioners in Vermont

Some of the traditional healing values associated with colors.
























Red is a symbol of fire, angriness, and love. Red stimulates the root chakra, at the base of the spine. Red causes hemoglobin to multiply which is excellent for anemia and other blood-related conditions. Never treat cancer with red because this color will stimulate cell growth.

The brightness of yellow strengthens the nerves and the mind. The color improves diabetes stomach and liver conditions, and helps scar tissue heal itself.

Indigo is the  color can help mental problems. It stimulates the brow chakra that governs both physical and spiritual perceptions.

Orange stimulates the sacral chakra, the symbol of good luck and fortune. Orange also stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm. The color works well with the digestive system, increasing thyroid activity and relieving muscle cramps and spasms.

Known as the color of nature, green stimulates the heart chakra. This color is also used to cure fever, flu and heartburn as green increases visualization, strengthens the immune system and shapes muscles, bones and cells.

Blue links to the throat chakra and symbolizes coolness and a soothing feeling. Fever, headache, high blood pressure, asthma are the kinds of diseases that blue can help with. It cools down inflammations (anti-itching, anti-stress).

Being a color of meditation, purple slows down an over-active heart and stimulates the immune system, cures insomnia and helps detoxification.

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