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Hot Stone Therapy near Jay Peak

Hot Stone Therapy with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade 

Hot Stone Therapy is just one more reason to visit the Vermont Salt Cave Spa in the foothills of

Jay Peak Vermont

Stone Treatment
What is Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is deeply relaxing as the slow release of heat from the stones stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system. This aids the muscles in releasing toxins and helps the body heal.  It softens tense muscles, easing pain and spasms plus brings a feeling of peace and well-being.

It is experience in our massage room with soft music playing in the background.  Often recipients go into a meditative state or even fall asleep.

Hot stone mat sessions are generally done in underwear or without clothes as you lie under blankets on the massage table listening to gentle, relaxing music.

A sampling of PEMF Scientific Studies

A 2005 study on the effects of repeated thermal therapy for two patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome concluded that "these results suggest that repeated thermal therapy might be a promising method for the treatment of CFS."

A team of doctors in Taiwan found that FIR therapy can have a significant effect on nerve regeneration and motor function improvement.  Far infrared treatment is non-invasive and effective, and can treat a wide array of peripheral nerve diseases and injuries. These findings can make a meaningful difference for sufferers of nerve pain.

Allergic rhinitis (commonly known as hay fever) is one of the most common chronic illnesses in the world. If you are afflicted with hay fever, you are experiencing inflammation in the nose as a result of allergens in the air. Medication is typically ineffective in treating hay fever, but FIR therapy can provide relief. Researchers at Chung-Yuan Christian University found that, by reducing inflammation, FIR therapy improves irritating symptoms like nasal itching, stuffiness, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyesClinical effects of far-infrared therapy in patients with allergic rhinitis.


Whether you are managing muscle soreness after awesome skiing or riding at Jay Peak Resort, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, FIR can provide relief. Recent studies published in Clinical Rheumatology found that infrared saunas can reduce pain and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis patients. While infrared saunas are not easily accessible for many people, FIR mats provide the same healing benefits. 

Pressure point massage 2

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other serious cardiac problems. However, new studies show that FIR therapy may help to reduce and normalize blood pressure. Researchers in Germany discovered that, after just one hour of FIR therapy, patients experienced significantly decreased blood pressure, improved blood viscosity, and increased cardiac output. These findings suggest that regular FIR exposure may be an essential new treatment for the millions of patients coping with high blood pressure. 

Sessions cost $30.  Reservations Required
Just call 802-326-2283 to book your time.
Far Infrared mats are for sale at the Vermont Salt Cave Spa.
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