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Flower Essence Remedies

Lettuce Bee Farm

918 Maple Lane
West Danville, Vermont 05873

(802) 563-2350

Flower essences may be considered a vibrational medicine similar to homeopathic remedies as opposed to tinctures which extract the physical constituents of a plant.  A quality flower essence generally starts with pure mountain spring water to which a sun infusion of a specific flower at its peak bloom is made.  Since each flower carries within its own energetic vibration, when taken into the body, it can help to shift energy alignments to find healing and harmony with the soul of nature.   Flower essence medicine is generally associated with emotional and spiritual healing.


salt caves - flower essences - enosburg.

Enosburgh Essences

24 Daigle Drive
Enosburg Falls, Vermont 05450

(802) 933-8351

Pam Aupperlee - Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

43 Railroad St,

PO Box 58,

Johnson, VT. 05656
(802) 730-9109

Mountain Hollow Medicinals

603 Urie Road
Craftsbury, Vermont 05827


Lightheart Healing Arts & Flower Essences

236 Wild Apple Road
New Haven, Vermont 05472

(802) 453-4433

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