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Tai Chi and Qigong

For centuries there has been extensive anecdotal evidence attesting to the medical benefits of qigong and t’ai chi, two closely related Chinese health and fitness practices which is now being verified with Western clinical evidence.

T’ai chi is better known in the U.S. than qigong but it is actually a form of qigong.    Both practices look sort of like karate in slow motion.  They combine gentle, meditative physical movements and breathing techniques that help stimulate the flow of qi or chi (life force or vital energy), promoting better physical, mental and emotional health.   There are thousands of styles of qigong and t'ai chi. Some focus on overall health, but practitioners can also prescribe forms or specific qigong exercises to detox or heal specific organs, muscles or parts of the body. 

Flowing Motion

Jay, VT

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Tai Chi Chih with Wendy Howard

Montgomery Center of the Arts.

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