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Dining in the Jay Peak area of Northern Vermont

Three Bedroom Vacation Rentals in Northern Vermont within the Jay Peak area

Rent a house, apartment or condo in the Jay Peak area of northern Vermont, for the weekend for your family or group of friends. You can also find long term and seasonal rentals here. From delightful historic village apartments such as the Coach House in Montgomery Center which is right in front of the Vermont Salt Cave Spa, to large 3 bedroom houses with mountain vistas.   Whatever your budget is, for whatever time of year is your favorite in Vermont, check this lodging directory of 3 bedroom vacation rentals in northern Vermont.

salt caves - lodging - 3 bedroom - nick.
lodging - 3 br - big falls - sarah.jpg

Black Bear Cabin

Highland Drive

Montgomery Center, VT

(514) 858-5931

Big Falls Chalet

North Troy, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

Trout River Lodge

21 Hazens Notch Rd,

Montgomery Center, VT 05471

(949) 226-2530

salt caves - lodging - 3 br - great old

If you are a vacation rental property owner or property manager and would like to have your vacation rental listed on this site, please contact us.  There is no charge to be on this site as we build the largest local lodging directory of  Vermont vacation rental properties within 45 minutes of Jay Peak.

Jamari Acres

550 South Richford Road,

Richford, Vermont

(802) 933-4842

salt caves - lodging - 3br - hans - sara

Han's Ski Chalet

133 Edelweiss Circle

Westfield, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

salt caves - lodging - 3br - serene geta

Serene Getaway Chalet 

Jay, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

salt caves - lodging - 3br bills house -

Red Door Chalet

Jay, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

Bill's House

Jay, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

Baker Hill House

1067 Baker Hill Road, 

Greensboro, VT 05841


Jack's Jay Peak Chalet

Jay, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

Jay View House

Jay, Vermont

(802) 988-2918

salt caves - lodging - 3br - reggie - sa

Reg & Lee Ski Chalet

Jay,  VT


salt caves - lodging - 3br - sharila - m

Shangri-la House

Montgomery Center, VT 05471

(802) 326-3171

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