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     Salt Caves and Salt Rooms Around the USA    

Since 2016 this directory has promoted salt caves and more recently salt rooms and as such, has become the largest most comprehensive directory of its kind for the USA.   It is easily found at to the top of Google for basic search terms e.g. "salt caves".   

It has however become a very large and time consuming job to maintain the site, keeping it up to date, and so as of January 1, 2020 we will be charging $25 per year for an annual listing on the directory.    All links in the directory go directly to the salt cave or facility. 

It is a directory used by many to find local salt caves to visit or to purchase gift certificates for friends and relatives who live out of town or state.  Links to the directory also help new salt cave facilities get "found" and gives authenticity to the facility.

We do hope you will continue to want to be featured on the directory for less than the cost of a single salt cave reservation.  We will have a 2 month sign up period, after which we will remove any property that has not signed up.  To sign up please go to:  If you have any questions, please call us at 802-326-2283 or email  Thank you.

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