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  • Sarita Khan

Allergy Relief at the VT Salt Cave

Anyone who has visited the Vermont Salt Cave knows only too well the immediate relief found with a salt cave session for anyone suffering from allergies. Inhalation of microscopic pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride acts as a bronchial dilator plus the salt is anti-bacterial. We also feel it is important to offer top quality products that can aid in providing allergy relief at home and to this end, now stock a leading Homeopathic line of allergy relief products. These products cover a variety of specific allergens, offering non-drowsy formulas for the temporary relief of sneezing, congestion, itchy watery eyes and sore throats.

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30. Okt. 2022

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06. Juli 2022

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02. Mai 2022

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17. Apr. 2022

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11. Jan. 2022

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